Best AI Landing Page Examples in 2024

Browse the top 12+ AI landing pages from across the web for inspiration.

What is a AI Landing Page?

An AI landing page would typically focus on showcasing the capabilities and benefits of the feature while encouraging visitors to take a specific action, such as signing up for a demo, requesting more information, or subscribing to updates.

What sections are on an AI landing page?

Here's an outline of what such a landing page might include:

  1. Headline: A clear and attention-grabbing headline that highlights the key benefit or value proposition of the new AI feature. For example: "Experience the Power of AI: Introducing Our Latest Innovation."
  2. Introduction: A brief introduction that provides context and sets the stage for the new AI feature. This section should outline the problem it solves or the opportunity it presents for the target audience.
  3. Feature Highlights: A visually appealing section that showcases the main features and functionalities of the AI feature. This could include bullet points, icons, or images to highlight key capabilities.

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