Landing Pages

A selection of landing pages designed for client websites and projects.

Goldie Landing Page
Focus Fox Screenshot


Designed the interface and sales page for the text editor that helps thousands of users stay calm and focused.

Unicorn Factory

Improved the usability of the freelancing platform used by hundreds of kiwis.

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Nevin Jojo Portfolio

A canvas based portfolio website where you can doodle to your heart's content.

My Services

I develop websites for companies built on scalable design systems that focus on converting more customers.
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The Design Index

Curating the best resources and tools for designers to work better and smarter.

A Place Beyond

Build the website, integrations, and automations for the California based study community.

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New Day App Screenshot

New Day

A simple time management app to keep users on track with their day.

Logos & Marks

A collection of modern and simple logos I have done for clients and projects.

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