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Hey there, I’m Nikolai.
How can I help?

With years of experience designing and developing websites, I help local and international companies get more customers through effective websites.

I build and redesign websites that increase website conversions.

A Webflow specialist

I focus on building websites exclusivly in Webflow, so I’m the go-to expert for maintenance and guidance on how to push it to it's limits.

Structured systems

I build websites off of a systemised 12 column structure that scales perfectly to different screen sizes and generates clean, simple code.

Fully custom designs

Rather then developing websites from templates, I start with strategy and design, meaning a custom website that suits every indivdual brand.

Based in Wellington, NZ.

Working with clients from all around the world.

My design and development process

1. Evaluate your needs

We first touch base to understand your businesses goals, needs, and what I can design for you and help you achieve.

2. Organise the content

We then talk though the small details of your project to understand what is important to have on your website.

3. Bring your idea to life

I then design and develop your website through Webflow, taking you through every step of the way so it's exactly what you vision it to be.

4. Polish it off

We then walk through the final website together to sign off every page, perfect down to the very last pixel.

"Nikolai helped me understand the entire process & stepped me through what I was to expect at each stage. He has a genuine desire to help & delivers amazing work."

Sebastian Waddell


"Nikolai executed everything beautifully and gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to manage my website going forward."

Hollie Arnett


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