Nov 21, 2023

Webflow Memberships: Everything We Know So Far

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By Nikolai Bain

Webflow Memberships: Everything We Know So Far
Webflow Memberships: Everything We Know So Far

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It’s been over 6 months since the announcement of Webflow Memberships at Webflow annual No-Code Conference alongside other new exciting features. We’re still waiting on an official launch date for when these features are going to be, but we’ve learned a lot more about memberships over the last couple of months.

Webflow have just updated their Memberships feature page with some new information, and this is also where you can join the beta to add memberships to one of your own sites. From the memberships page, Webflow has highlighted that some of the key use cases are to:

  • Gate your premium content
  • Offer online courses
  • Build a member portal

We can expect more use cases to be suitable to build as time goes on. For now, let’s delve into some of the key points about memberships.

From Webflow's marketing website

Webflow Memberships Launch Date

We don’t yet have an official launch date for Webflow Memberships, but we might be able to expect one in Q4 of 2022, or early in 2023. Though customers are rearing to try out and use all of the membership features, Webflow likely wants to have a more built out feature set before we see a public launch.

On Webflow’s recent livestream, Paige noted: “In preparation for launch we are going to add a bit more depth to deliver more cohesively on the use cases of gated content, member portals, and paid subscriptions.”

In saying this, if you think you have a site that is perfect for Webflow Memberships and want to try out what it has to offer so far, you can apply to get beta access for a site and get membership features updates as they come out.

From the Webflow livestream

Webflow Memberships Demo

Recently Webflow walked through a full demo of the upcoming membership functionality on a Youtube stream with Nelson Abalos Jr, Parker Thompson and Paige Conrad. In it they go through a live use case of how No Code Kids uses memberships, and also answer Q&As from Webflow customers. If you have specific questions about Webflow memberships, you might find it answered here.  You can find the full Youtube stream here.

Webflow Memberships Resources

We can expect Webflow to have an in-depth collection of resources and tutorials closer to or at launch date, but so far you can find info about memberships on their feature page, through their Youtube livestream, in their memberships documentation, or simply by subscribing to my newsletter where I will send updates about Memberships as they come out.

There is also a Webflow Memberships clonable now available for customers who have the Memberships beta enabled. If you clone this project without Webflow Memberships enabled, you’ll simply see the project in the designer without the membership features.

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Webflow Memberships Public Beta Release

You can already submit to get access to the beta on Webflow's memberships feature page, but there is currently not an open beta release, only an opt-in system. Only time will tell whether there will be a full public beta before an official launch, but it would make sense to offer it as a beta to everyone before it becomes an official release, just like previous major releases from Webflow such as backdrop filters.

Webflow Memberships Features

Though we don’t yet have an official list of all features for Webflow memberships, we do know some of the possible upcoming features that are still to be built before we see a proper launch, and also the features that are currently included.

So far Webflow have laid the foundations for membership functionality and pages, such as:

  • Sign-up page with the ability to add custom forms
  • Sign-in page for email and password
  • Reset password page and functionality
  • User account page with the ability to change user info and permissions
  • Adding ecommerce products that are tied to membership types
  • Different subscription types for free, invite-only, and paid subscription tiers
  • The ability to gate different pages and CMS collections behind either a free or paid account

It also includes a memberships API with the ability to be able to connect member data with other systems, like a CRM or spreadsheet app.

For upcoming features we can expect, there were a few important ones that were mentioned in the livestream that we might see ready by launch, including:

  • More control in the designer with the ability to surface user data with data binding
  • Granular control with elements being gated within a page
  • More control over the end-user experience and flows
  • More custom fields connected to user accounts such as images and rich text
  • The ability to connect Webflow Memberships with external tech stacks
  • A more low-code solution for those who struggle with APIs

Webflow Memberships Templates

There are currently no announcements on Webflow templates for memberships yet, but we can predict that membership templates will become available on launch in the same way that Webflow Ecommerce templates were. Just like for Ecommerce, they will likely be for some of the different use cases that memberships can be used for.

As the months go on we might also see more cloneables from Webflow for users wanting to try out some of the membership functionality similar to the one Weblow already have available.

For more on Webflow Memberships, subscribe to my newsletter where I will send updates about Memberships as they come out, and also where I breakdown ways that you can supercharge your Webflow website for more sign-ups and sales.

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