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Learn How to Become a
Successful Web Design Freelancer

Understand everything you need to know to become a thriving web design freelancer in 2021.

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Learn the Different Stages of Freelancing

Becoming a successful freelancer won't happen in a day, so learn the step by step stages to thrive as a freelancer.

Understand Pricing and Proposals

Get a full breakdown of the different ways to price, and how to get to the point where you're earning $200+ an hour.

Uncover the Full Client Project Process

Work through all the steps of client projects, including discovery calls, proposals, systems, and website handoff.

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Learn with Nikolai, a
Webflow expert

With years of experience designing and developing Webflow websites for clients, I've helped local and international companies get more users through effective websites.

I've built up systems and best practices over the years that help me save me time and earn more, and in this course I'm going to share them with you.

What You'll Learn

An overview of freelancing

  • The stages of freelancing
  • What freelancing full time looks like
  • The freelancer mindset

Getting clients

  • Setting up a portfolio
  • Using UpWork
  • Decoding outreach
  • Resource Notion client pipeline
  • Client discovery calls
  • Resource Client discovery call outline

Understanding pricing

  • Setting your hourly rate
  • Hourly vs project pricing
  • Offering multiple project options PreviewPreview
  • Earning $200+ an hour

Writing winning proposals

  • Writing proposals that win
  • Resource 3-option proposal draft
  • An example of a successful $20,000 proposal

Successful client projects

  • Building your systems
  • The full project process
  • Resource Notion project outline
  • 3 ways to add value to client projects Preview
  • A successful website launch

Get helpful freelancing resources and swipe files

Download resources and templates to save you time, improve your systems, and earn more money per project.

This includes:

  • Email drafts
  • A proposal outline
  • Client call scripts
  • The client pipeline
Nikolai Bain Illustration

Get ready to
thrive as a freelancer

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Thanks, I'll let you know when the course is ready!
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