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Learn how to build and launch a no-code web app in Webflow.

Learn the step by step process of going from idea, to an up and running web app using Webflow.

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Bootstrap Your App Idea

Work through the steps of refining your idea, getting customers, and launching your product all on a bootstrapped budget.

Build with No Code

Build a completely functional web app, all without having to write a single line of code.

Learn the Best Tools

Go through the basics of the best tools that are being used for no-code apps today, including Figma, Webflow, and Wized.

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Learn with Nikolai, a
Webflow expert

With years of experience designing and developing Webflow websites for clients, I've helped local and international companies get more users through effective websites.

I've also built and launched several digital products, including a markdown editor for focused writing, a library of design tools, and a goal management web app.

What You'll Learn

Getting interest from customers

  • Brainstorming your messaging
  • Why you should build a landing page firstPreview
  • Building a landing page in Webflow
  • Using Typeform for customer feedback

Designing your app

  • Creating an MMVP
  • Finding interface inspiration
  • Using Figma to outline your design

Building the prototype

  • Using Webflow to build a prototype
  • Building the page outline
  • Structuring your build
  • Refining the design

Creating a working app

  • Hooking it up to a backend
  • Adding user sign-up and sign-in
  • Adding final touches
  • Turning your Webflow app into a desktop appPreview

Get helpful cloneables and swipe files

Download resources and cloneables to save you money, improve your build, and get your first build up faster.

Nikolai Bain Illustration

Get ready to
build your web app.

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Thanks, I'll let you know when the course is ready!
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