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Learn How to Become an Ultimate Template Designer

Go from testing design ideas to having a full Webflow template ready to submit.

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Learn What You Need to Submit Your Application

Understand whether template designing is for you, and how to submit to become a template designer.

Become a Better Designer, for Templates & Clients

Discover the essential rules for how to build beautiful and functional websites that clients love and customers want to buy.

Uncover the Process to Build Templates

Work through all the steps of building templates, including, researching, planning, designing, building, and testing.

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Learn with Nikolai, a
Webflow expert

Hey, I'm Nikolai. I have years of experience designing and developing Webflow websites for clients and building Webflow templates that you can buy.

I've got an eye for how to design beautiful websites that clients and customer love, and I'm going to cover everything I know in this course.

What You'll Learn

Intro to Website Templates

  • Should You Become a Template Designer?
  • What You Need to Apply as a Template Designer
  • The Similarities to Client Projects
  • Templating Full Time vs Part Time
  • Understanding the Template Guidelines
  • Committing to Learning to Design

Planning Out a Template

  • Researching Template Categories
  • Scoping the Competition
  • Deciding and Defining a Plan
  • Inspiration and Mood Boards

Drafting the Design

  • Playing Around in Figma
  • Resource Figma Design Project Template
  • Fundamental Template Design Principals
  • Crafting the Homepage and Theme
  • Finalising the Homepage and Key Pages

Diving into Development

  • Outlining the Full Scope
  • Building the Style Guide
  • Resource Style Guide Page Template
  • Building the Homepage
  • ...and The Rest of The Pages
  • The Essential Admin Pages
  • Running a QA & Finalising

Sending Your Application

  • Revisiting the Requirements
  • What to Do While You Wait
  • If You Don’t Get In

Get helpful template resources and design files

Download resources and design templates to save you time, and quickly learn to design better for the web.

This includes:

  • Figma Design Project Template
  • Style Guide Starter Page
Nikolai Bain Illustration

Get ready to
build great templates

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Thanks, I'll let you know when it's out!
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