2019 - Case Study

The Design Index is a directory website designed to showcase the best resources and tools for digital designers.

Designed and developed in collaboration with Nevin Jojo

The Design Index Logo


Designers waste hours on end looking for tools to help them with their work.

Currently the web is over-saturated with different lists recommending hundreds of design tools. "Design" is an extremely broad word and covers plenty of different disciplines, so a resource that might help one designer, might not help a hundred other designers.


Help designers find the exact tools they need, and nothing more.

We think designers shouldn't need to waste time constantly going back to google and then combing through different sites just to look for one mockup. We want to bring everything they need and keep it in one place.


A tool directory that can easily be filtered down to find what you need quickly.

With the ability for users to filter, they can find what is going to help them specifically without combing through hundreds of different tools that won't help them.

The Design Index Logo


We designed modules that are links to the tool and resource websites we will be using.

We wanted it to be rich with colour, and in a grid format so we could easily display them on a page together.

A first full concept was then made from these modules. After our first full concept, we found it had accessibility issues as there wasn't enough contrast between elements and no easy way to distinguish different types of tools.

The Design Index Logo

The Design Index Logo

Final module design, made to be easily and quickly read so users understand each tool.

A bright and exciting colour scheme was used to quickly visually categorise the tools.

The Design Index Logo

Final Solution

The Design Index Logo

The final solution is a simplistic grid using filters and a simple colour scheme to quickly help users understand what each tool is and what ones are suitable for them.

The Design Index Logo

The logo, with the colour mesh representing the collection of tools together, along with a simple word-mark set in Helvetica.